Adam Comer

Software Developer and Co-founder of Knowtworthy

Adam Comer

About Me

Experience, skills, and expertise

Software Developer

I’m a full-stack developer with Frontend, Backend, and DevOps experience. As a Software Developer at Knowtworthy, I work on both the Frontend Web App and Backend API using MongoDB, Koa.js, React, and Node.js (modified MERN stack). Additionally, I take a lead role in designing and maintaining our cloud infrastructure on AWS. This is includes managing our CI/CD system and Kubernetes cluster to ensure that the team’s work is tested and deployed with confidence.

Outside of work, I enjoy working with Python and Rust as the basis for my personal projects.





Co-founder of Knowtworthy

Knowtworthy is a Meetings Productivity tool for business professionals to aid in organizing, formatting, and sharing meeting minutes. My role at the company is technology and engineering focused, putting me in charge of the technology stack. My responsibilities at Knowtworthy extend to every layer of stack: Frontend, Backend, and Cloud Infrastructure.

With my Co-founders, Alex and Sid, we’ve taken Knowtworthy from idea stage at the University of Toronto’s Entrepreneurship Hatchery to releasing our flagship product to paying customers. Throughout this process, we’ve listened to our customers to build a product that helps them save time with the features they want.


Projects, writings, and code

Gitlab logo on purple background


How to Install a GitLab Runner on Kubernetes

Learn how to install Gitlab CI/CD Runner on Kubernetes and grant access to the Docker Daemon to build containers.

Servers in a data center


Build a Simple Database

Introductory tutorial to designing and building a LSM-Tree based Key-Value Store like RocksDB.

Pawns on a chessboard


Relationship Between Chess Opening Knowledge and Player Rating

How does knowledge of Chess Openings relate to player rating? In this analysis, I investigate the use Book Openings and Master Games with a sample of 20,000 public Lichess Games.


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