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I grew up in Winchester, VA and graduated from John Handley High School in 2017. I am currently in my second year at the University of Toronto and planning to study computer science. As well, I’m a co-founder of Knowtworthy. Knowtworthy aims to make business meetings more productive.

More About Me

John Handley High School

My journey starts in Winchester, VA, where I grew up and attended school at John Handley High School. I first learned to code in 9th grade, during the Intro Programming class, using Visual Basic. By my senior year, I was proficient in Java, Python, and Swift. During my senior year, I was given the incredible opportunity to explore more about Deep Learning in an independent study. In 2017, I graduated from John Handley High School and was off to university.

University Collage at the University of Toronto

I was accepted to the University of Toronto after high school. Although I had never lived on my own, let alone in another country, I decided to take the risk and move to Canada. In my first year, I learned more about computer science fundamentals as well made many lasting friendships. Two of those friends and I would later go on to found a startup.

2018 Hatchery Demo Day

In the summer after my first year of university, my co-founders and I were given the opportunity to continue working on our startup with support from Hatchery. After working for the whole summer, we were selected to present at the Demo Day for the summer cohort. We came in second place and won $10,000 in seed funding for the company.

To be continued...